Rishi Rawat

When I started in 2008 my core thesis was that most purchase behaviors were rational. 9+ years on and 300+ experiments…

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  1. I agree with you Rishi. I overlook these type of ads with huge percentage off sale messages. I think these are fake. In retail advertisements, we are bombarded with 50% off, 60% off – and most of the public assumes the items were marked up too much to begin with.

    So the ad would need to tell me WHY and HOW the discount is there. And it needs to tell me quickly or I would not want to read farther to find out.

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      Exactly. As marketers, we sometimes assume “bigger discounts are always better”. But, at some point, even if genuine, the offer becomes so good it gets into “too good to be true” territory. And that can be dangerous without a convincing explanation.

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