We Were ‘Inspired’ By Amazon.com

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I know Amazon.com owns a patent on “1-Click ordering” but what about their site design itself? Obviously Amazon.com serves as a great design inspiration for any ecommerce site but can I legally rip off their design?

This morning I came across an online store delphiglass.com.  This is not some small under the radar etailer, delphiglass.com is a vastly popular online store and according to Compete their site gets over 89,000 unique monthly visitors.  Here is where the story turns bizarre—

Amazon.com homepage:

Delphiglass.com homepage:

Amazon.com left navigation:

Delphiglass.com left navigation:

Amazon.com home button (mouse over):

Delphiglass.com home button (mouse over):

I tried to do some background work to see if this store is connected with Amazon but found no evidence.

And speaking of copy, check out:


Doesn’t humidi-pak.com look suspiciously similar to Apple’s older homepage? here, refresh your memory:


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