Want to Double Your Email Sign Ups?

There are so many marketing strategies out there:

— Display advertising
— Print ads
— Remarketing
— Email marketing

And without a doubt, the cheapest, and most effective advertising channel is your mailing list. Email marketing generates $44 for each $1 spent (2016 study by campaignmonitor.com)

Trouble is, every marketer knows this. So there is a mad dash to get any site visitor to signup. This is probably why the first thing I see on any site is an email signup popup. It’s a pretty crappy experience.

Interested in an idea to double email signup rates? Here it goes: don’t have your email signup form be the first thing visitors see. Show the email signup contextually. The impact is magical.

Here is a personal experience. I was on SeatGeek and wanted to see prices for an event.

— There was no distraction when I landed on the homepage.
— No distraction as I narrowed my search.

But when I got to the pricing page (which is likely where most visitors exit) that’s when SeatGeek contextually showed an email signup message with a context-rich message: “Give us your email and we’ll let you know when Cardi B event prices drop.

Like this idea?

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