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Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 3 Comments uses a virtual greeter on their homepage—


On your first visit the greeter reads a standard welcome script, lists brands carried and assures lowest prices. But if you exit and return to site her message changes to, “Still browsing? Confused about different compression levels and styles? Call us toll-free at (877) 330-5900. Speak to our experienced certified fitters. I’m very confident you will get all your questions answered.”

Is the virtual greeter a good idea? Is it  too gimmicky? Would you use it on your site? Why do you like/dislike the idea of greeter video? Currently, the video on auto-plays. Would it have been more effective if video appeared in paused mode?

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  1. I hate virtual greeters. I thought they were extinct by now? If I go to a site that has one, I leave. Because if I stay I’ll feel like I’m in 2003.

    I hate it because it’s gimmicky and about as appealing as roadkill.

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