Unique About Us Page

Cadence is a watch brand. Here is a screenshot of the top section of their About Us page—


I love 2 things about it—

1: As you scroll down the page the brand story is revealed, and it’s written really well and presented in a highly readable way.
2: As you scroll down to read About Us content, from the left and right hand sides (in well balanced sequences), watch designs slide into focus. They aren’t missing any opportunity to show off their watches.

One really needs to see the page live to get the full experience— http://cadencewatch.com/r/about/

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  1. I love the nice css effect, but I tripped over 2 things within the first minute: 1) none of the images sliding in are hyperlinked to product pages and 2) the brand name “cadence” at the top of the page should link to the home page as is standard (instead they have a clunky “‹‹ Return to Cadence Online Store” thing which I normally associate with cross domain affiliate stuff. Otherwise its a beautiful page.

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