The Trouble With $3 Jamba Juice Smoothies

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Retailers are working extra hard these days.  On my afternoon walk, I saw two guys standing near the station selling $3 Jamba Juice smoothies out of a white box.  I know Jamba Juice wants to drive sales but I think this is a penny wise pound foolish strategy for three principle reasons:

Brand dilution: I thought the unique selling proposition of Jamba Juice was that one could walk up to the counter, order a smoothie and have the juice expert prepare it right in front of us?

Authenticity: How do I even know if this is a legit setup? The guys were wearing Jamba Juice tee-shirts but there was no specific branding on the box itself.

Price point: Is $3.00 for a Jamba Juice smoothie too high or too low? The only people who could really answer this are Jamba Juice regulars.  So, in effect, this promoted price means little to non-customers.  The whole idea of setting up a stand on the street is to get non-customers to try your product once.

Here is what I would have done:

— I would have made a nice little Jamba Juice banner, slapped Jamba Juice stickers on the box, slapped another sticker on the smoothie itself and given customers an authentic proof of purchase receipt.

— Instead of saying “$3 Jamba Juice Smoothies” I’d say “Pedestrian Special 25% discounted Jamba Juice Smoothies for only $3.00

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  1. you are being too hard.. seriously…
    in a challenging economy companies are required to think outside of the box.. give them some credit for not just sitting and letting this storm wipe them off! kudos for jamba’s management for making this step.

  2. Post

    Hi Brenda, I give Jamba Juice credit for trying. I just think they could have better achieved their objectives (driving sales and adding new customers) by taking a slightly different approach.

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