Trick to Increase Credibility and Reduce Price Sensitivity (for 2019)

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Most sites are beginning to realize that reducing the amount of content on any given page can go a long way (when done correctly).

However, sometimes adding an extra element can help conversion rates.

But we need to be careful with what we choose to add and, perhaps more importantly, when and where.

Something businesses are always concerned about is establishing credibility. After all, shoppers don’t want to buy a product or sign up for a service if they aren’t certain it’s trusted and reputable.

So what’s a good time to build more credibility during the shopper’s experience?

Your product pages. Specifically, near the price of your product/service.


Well, people hate spending money. For many sites, the price is a common area of friction for shoppers. It’s when they begin to think, “hmm . . . $29.99. Do I reaaaaally need this?” Here’s a product page from

What can we do to this page to build credibility and make shoppers a bit less price sensitive? We added this button call to action beside the price (notice the blue button below):

When shoppers click the button, they’ll see this content:

Popup message reads:


Transforming outdoor spaces has been our mission since 1985.

Across the nation – from parks, to school yards, to facilities everywhere – our functional commercial site furnishings have been bringing life to barren spaces for 34 years.

Over 310,000 businesses have put their trust in us. It’s our expertise and customer service team that defines who we are as a company. Each employee goes above and beyond to meet the needs and wants of each customer.

We believe a product isn’t truly yours until you like love it. We call it the “Barco Guarantee.”

When shoppers click on the “310,000 businesses” hyperlink, they’ll see this:

This map shows shoppers the reach of the company, letting them know the company is definitely a trusted across the country.

Can you do something similar on your own product pages?

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