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At the bottom of their home page displays 3 lists: Top Best Sellers, Top Rated Products and Top Happy Birthday Gifts. Listing top sellers is a well known best practice but has created 3, thus making their top seller lists 3 times more relevant.

As a marketer I would attempt to create as many top seller list combinations as possible. Some examples:

Top Christmas/hanukkah gifts
Top husband to wife gifts
Top wife to husband gifts
Most reordered gifts
Top new favorites for 2007
Top first purchases

Here is how does it (red box in image below)- has this feature on their site. The thing I like about top lists is that it allows for creative combinations thus encouraging impulsive behavior. Look at the markings in green:

Zagat Top lists plays on this theme by offering a pretty extensive gift guide on their site. found an excellent “Ship Speed” filter on

Everyjewelrybox Shipping Filter

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  1. I just came across this while reading some of your archived articles. This is great! This looks like a solid, successful company and I may try to emulate some of their lists. Thanks for reporting on this one..

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