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There are products that sell well and then there are those that people desire. And while any retailer can list their hottest sellers have you ever seen one list their top ‘10 most desired items’?

Before we jump ahead, let’s define a desired item. A desired item is:

– An item on whose product page customers spend inordinate time
– An item that tends to get ‘forwarded to a friend’ most often
– An item that is most frequently tagged on an external sites like thisnext.com
– An item that tends to get the highest number of shopping cart abandonments
– An item that is most often added to customer wish lists

To sum it up, these are items that people dwell over, but never manage to pull the trigger on. And thanks to the wonders of online measurability we can now capture this behavior on a real time basis.

As I’ve said before (here and here) every marketer at an ecommerce site must spend time thinking up clever top 10 lists. You can build this ‘desirability’ list by using any combination of weighted averages from the list above or add other attributes to build a fully custom desirability list that better represents your product-line and shoppers.

For an etailer like vintagetub.com, where products tend to be higher consideration items, this would be particularly effective. Premium products are different and people who buy them are not necessarily as drawn to what sells the most as they are to what is desired the most.

What do you think? Do share.

Update: Mike Johnson had a great addition:

Instead of 10 most desireable items, I’d like to see the 10 coolest uses/installations (in the case of the bathtubs) modifications, etc. to products–I think the case study mode is more effective at getting to the “me too” state. Example: http://www.shedshop.com/testimonials/shed_contest/2008/index.html

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