Thoughtfulness Explained

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There are 7 buyer psychology strategies we use to influence shoppers. At the top of the list is Thoughtfulness.

Definition: Thoughtfulness is the process of walking in the shoes of the end user. Make things easier for them. Feel their frustrations, uncertainties, and doubts.

Here is the best possible example to illustrate the power of Thoughtfulness:

Sites that feature alcoholic beverages are required by law to ask for the visitor’s date of birth. Entering that info is a pain, especially on a phone. You need to first click on Month, pick from the dropdown, then Day, pick from the dropdown, then Year, pick from the dropdown.

The interface is the most effective “anti-drinking” campaign.

And 99% of alcohol featuring sites do it the exact same way:

Now have a look at how does it:

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  1. That is in interesting point. Empathy is not just understanding someone who is deeply depressed. Empathy can also mean you understand that people don’t like doing annoying little tasks. Good stuff!

    1. Post
  2. I like this idea! It’s so simple, makes it easier for your end user, and fulfills the legal requirements. Too often, companies forget about their end user.

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