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Video Word of Mouth

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Once you’ve successfully attracted, engaged and converted someone the next logical step is to inspire them to invite their friends. Pebble is a watch company. They’ve created a video that’s targeted to people who own a Pebble.  The video introduces a new, more classic design, and requests Pebble fans to spread the word–

Social Sharing

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On when you get to cart page they have a clever design element that shows a partial 5% off coupon code— On click we see this popup— The idea is pretty simple, shoppers who are incentivized by the discount can access it by letting their Twitter or Facebook friends know about the order. Idea described above is a plug and …

Incentivize Revenue Drivers

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Google Analytics can segment traffic from social networks and show what % of new visitors arrive via that channel + how much revenue those visitors generate.  If for your site social network channel is profitable but brings in only a small % of new visitors then you should consider what is doing– On click pop-up–   It’s a simple …

Whisper Marketing

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 2 Comments is an e-tailer specializing in exotic bird supplies.  Their site is popular but their visit volume represents a tiny sliver of US bird supplies market.  I am sure they would love introducing more customers to their site. Here is a potential solution.  Who do exotic bird owners know?  That’s right, other exotic bird owners. should run a small …