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Subtle Trick

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We marketers scream when we want the user’s attention.  We use comically large fonts and ugly color contrasts; not because they’re beautiful, but because we know the loudest elements capture attention. But there is another way. I was on this product page … … and one of the first elements I noticed was the $ symbol to the left of …

Jerry’s Bloopers

Rishi Rawat Blog Leave a Comment is a furniture site.  On their homepage they have a link to a page called Jerry’s Bloopers (pointed by red arrow in screenshot below): First of all, this is a super clever page name and the link begs to be clicked.  Then, when you do click it you’re greeted by this banner– Very clever.  I love it.

Full Screen Popup

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These days most sites show an email signup popup when the user is about to exit the site. does something slightly different.  They show a full screen overlay for the newsletter popup.  It actually looks pretty good and was different enough for me to take notice and write about it– Do you know of any sites that have interesting …

Sad Cart

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My friend Shreya Shankar brought this to my attention. Thanks, Shreya. shows a sad face on their cart when cart is empty— Shoppers don’t like sad faces so they are subliminally encouraged to add something to cart.


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Having a great product is critically important. But if people don’t click your ad they’ll never find out about it— I have no idea what’s up with the bearded guy behind the coder dude but I sure want to find out.

The 2 Most Important Details on a Product Page

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Your product page design should be based on the type of product being sold.  If a shopper is buying a technical product, complex product, a product they aren’t familiar with, a product that’s very expensive, then they are going to focus on your product description.  But for all other cases product image + customer reviews are the most important details.  …