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Make Sure Your Test Element is Visible

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When people run experiments, they are simply looking at the outcome of the experiment and determining if it was a success or a failure. This can be a problem. We started adding tracking to see how many people were actually clicking on our test elements. Turns out, the number is low. If people aren’t seeing our test element and interacting …

If Your Video Converts Well Make Sure It’s Seen

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If you have an asset that strongly influences conversions but isn’t seen by enough people then make it more visible. This is usually the case with video content. Video on your site likely definitely converts really well but is seen by a disappointingly low percentage of visitors. has solved this problem. I’ve seen plenty of product pages that also …

Clever Popup

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Shoppers ignore everything, especially annoying popups. So, to draw attention show something unexpected. On text is intentionally shown outside the popup box. This creates an asymmetry, which causes the shopper to slow down and notice the message. Few milliseconds of slowdown make all the difference:  

Novelty: Add a Dash of Personality

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The brain is a curious device. Who knows why it’s drawn to certain things and freaked out by others (go ahead and Google trypophobia). Marketers are always concerned with the Visibility of their page. One method that is beginning to be used more and more frequently is Novelty. But what is Novelty? Novelty is a design trick that is meant …

Reconsidering the Phrase Coupon Code

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Video: If you hate watching videos read this: The Zeitgeist affects the emotions phrases evoke. One such phase is “coupon code”. 10 years ago (to me) it meant “use if you have one”. Today (to me) it means “leave this site and Google + coupon code“. But it doesn’t have to be. If the phrase coupon code has been …


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On the top half of home there are 2 prominent links: Clicking either one takes you to the same result page ( But isn’t that a bad idea, you ask? Isn’t homepage real estate prime? Why repeat the same message but word it differently? Actually, what SnapCorrect is doing is clever. The tactic is called redundancy. Having just one …

Unique Chat Prompt

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Chat is an incredibly valuable tool. If your site has chat you know chat conversion rates are at least 2x site average. On the flip side, however, chat utilization is typically low. To boost usage some sites show a persistent floating chat prompt or pop open a chat message that says something like, “We can help you …”. These tactics …

The First 2 Seconds

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If you have an asset that is spectacular but is only seen by 10% of site visitors then you’re the one at fault (because you are failing to use your asset). For Owlet their core asset is a 3:40 minute video that starts off with 3 mothers describing how Owlet saved their baby’s life.  But Owlet doesn’t bury this video …