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Simple Insight

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Your site visitors don’t see 83% of what’s on your page. What do we do to ensure the 17% they DO notice is what you care about the most? This article proposes an idea.

Small Changes Work Too

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There are 2 things we know for sure about online browsers: 1: They’re in a mad rush. 2: 98% of the time they are driven by System 1 (irrational/emotional/quick mode of the brain). More details about System 1. If you want them to notice something we need to slow them down. And you don’t have to have a big bold …

Email Popup Location

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Most popups appear at the center of the screen. Users expect this and are ready to hit close (x). This is instinctive behavior. Sometimes, users close out so fast they might regret the decision. Their index finger moved faster than their brain. On the popup is shown on the top right corner. It’s an unexpected location. What this does is slow …

Top 7 Email Signup Ideas for 2019

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It’s 2019. By now, shoppers know what to expect when they’re confronted with an email signup popup. What are shoppers likely going to do today? They’ll immediately close the popup, skip past the email signup form, or uncheck that sneaky little email newsletter box. They do this automatically, as if they’ve been conditioned to hate popups and email signups with …

Email Sign Up Idea

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When site visitors encounter something expected they slow down and curiosity spikes. Let’s say you’re looking for ways to drive up email signups. This example from could be an inspiration. On the Truman’s homepage, the email signup is on top of the page. Below it is a countdown timer. Normally, email signup call-to-actions make an offer like “Give us …