Selling 18th Century Items Using YouTube

Every e-tailer (big-small, broad-niche, impulse buy-pricey stuff, PPC-SEO, single purchase-lifetime value) has a definite set of strengths and weaknesses.  The key to success is focusing on your strengths. is a niche e-tailer that is good at making product videos, which they use abundantly throughout their site.  I wonder how many conversions can be directly …

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Innovation On The Cheap

Many retailers look at their online channel as just another mode to complete a sale.  But that’s a low yield strategy.  Smart retailers use their online channels to do things that are either extremely expensive or impossible offline.  And the smartest ones execute ideas that are brilliant AND inexpensive. Ever since discovering through …

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Over the next few years online retailers will increasingly start depending on video as a selling tool. Once ready for video these etailers would gain much by studying Not only is the company a pioneer but their videos are high quality and really accentuate the shopping experience. Excellent execution, Mr. Patrick Connolly. In the …

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Halloween Costumes With Video started using video on their site last year. Back then it looked clunky and force fitted. 365 days later they have developed a better integrated experience. Video is still used for only popular items but customers seem to like the new site experience better because according to the ‘Attention’ on the site has …

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