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Is The Recession Zappos’s Achilles Heel?

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment loves selling all kinds of heels, and with two way free shipping customers love buying them.  But two way shipping is only free for the customer, for Zappos it means they lose money every time a return is made.  And it hurts.  Somewhere within Zappos’s corporate office there exists a black book and in this book there are two …

A Million Little Pieces

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The whole online revolution has got me thoroughly confused. It has led to so many questions: – In the offline world local specialty stores stand protected. A specialty wine shop in Chicago doesn’t care about a specialty wine shop in Maine. But in the online world the idea of local becomes obsolete, so does this mean Chicago and Maine are …

Men Like To Shop Too

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According to a study conducted by Men’s Health Publisher men shop for things like casual clothing and help with household grocery. So why are 80% of all marketing dollars for food targeting women?

The Future Of eTail

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Today most eTailers thrive by being niche. The web is a wonderful place to find a store that sells only bonsais, or a site that only deals in bird products. People who shop online today are early adopters and so this marketplace structure works. But the truth is that this year offline sales were the lowest in 5 years and …

Online Consolidation

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I’ve often feared that the highly niche model of online selling will become more and more rare as ‘mass’ consumers migrate online. If the news is an indicator this process has already started. IR reports (No. 182 in IR 500) has raised $47 million in new working capital. According to the report this will help build their eCommerce …