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Designing for Distracted Shoppers

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Are you easily distracted? No? Go check your browser history over the last 2 hours. I thought I was super disciplined, methodical, and task-oriented. Turns out, my browsing history betrays this self-image. Checked your browser history over the last 2 hours? Are you a little shocked?? If this is how distracted we are (and it’s scary to see) why would …

Difference between System 1 and System 2?

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Video explanation: Written explanation for the video above: If you want to improve your conversion rates, you’re going to have to understand the mind of the shopper. And if you want to understand the mind of a shopper, you need to understand how the shopper’s brain works. And in order to understand the shopper’s brain, I can think of one …

Ethical Line of Persuasion

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If you don’t like watching videos here is the written version of the article. The things I do for my readers 🙂 Marketing has become incredibly powerful. Whenever you go to a website (whether it’s CNN or, often times anonymous aspects of our data are sold in the marketplace. The goal of this is to not release personal information …

What’s LCRO?

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CRO = Conversion rate optimization LCRO = Layered conversion rate optimization Here is how my process used to be: when working on a conversion project I’d block a chunk of time and apply brute force to come up with the best idea I could. I didn’t know any better and my intention was good. But, it turns out, this isn’t …

Time and Conversion Rates

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People are kinetic creatures. We are never stagnant. Our views and behaviors change based on outside stimuli, whether that’s the time of day, what side of the bed we woke up on, or, are we hungry? You’d think these things wouldn’t have any effect on important things like our jobs or the future of others but you’re wrong. In a …

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Ecommerce is great for ideas that are utterly impractical as a physical store but make perfect sense when connecting a wide market even if only 1 in 10,000 people would be interested. is such an example. It’s a secondary market for sneakers. Super niche, super successful:

First time buyer graphic

Focus on Just 2 things

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Marketing is a boundless playground and you can drive yourself nuts trying every flavor of the moment. So you need to narrow your focus. After nearly 11 years of testing I can tell you that the only 2 things that matter are answering these 2 questions: How can we do a better job converting first-time buyers? What caused a first-time …

Breaking Convention is Really Hard

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In 2007 1% Google users clicked I’m Feeling Lucky button: I’m sure that number is even lower today. Yet, all rational reasoning aside, Google still leaves it there. Why? Because I’m Feeling Lucky was there from the earliest days of Google. They’re attached to it. What widgets and features do you have on your site purely for nostalgia? Should they …


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Imagine this scenario: you A/B test an idea and it does well.  The second test also does well.  And the third test ends up outperforming both preceding tests.  Now you test the fourth idea and it underperforms.  The fifth and sixth ideas also underperform. Does this mean we need to move on because we’ve discovered the best version of this page?  …

Optimize for the Right Goal

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I recently signed up for a racquetball league at my local gym.  League fees are $65 (whole season) and gym membership is $150/month.  When I went on my league day I noticed 83% of the 12 racquetball courts were unused. Here are some important details about racquetball courts: 1: They take up physical space. 2: Once you add a court …

One Size DOESN’T Fit All

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The beauty of the Internet is that it allows us to be different things to different people. Let’s take the case of a vacation planning site. There are budget vacationers who are willing to travel during the off-season in return for a good deal. And there are price-insensitive shoppers who only want to go when the weather is perfect (i.e. prices are high). …

Why eCommerce Is Such a Big Deal

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The magic of ecommerce is that it allows a retail entrepreneur to launch a virtual store that would have failed as a brick and mortar space. For example, is a site that sells pillows shaped like pebbles. This is an idea that only appeals to 0.01% of US shoppers– It would be silly to open a retail store for …