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If You Want Feedback Remove All Friction

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Received this great email from Lyft asking why I hadn’t used the service in a while. See screenshot and notes below screenshot: Love this email for 4 critically important reasons: 1: It’s personalized to my actual behavior (“why have you not used Lyft since 6/14.”) 2: Headline makes it clear this is a quick email (“One-Minute Feedback”). 3: I just …

Why Curiosity Matters

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Bob Moesta is a curious person. He was involved in home building and selling condos. His condos were designed based on the stated needs of their target audience (ranch style, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, granite countertops, hardwood floor, etc.) But still, a big percentage of interested people didn’t pull the trigger. Bob wanted to understand why. He discovered people who were …

Navigation Speed

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Shoppers who navigate your site at a fast pace are fundamentally different from leisurely movers. Do you treat these 2 groups differently? You should. Fast browsers are typically in pre-research or post-research pre-commit mode. This means they either have just started their shopping journey or are at the end of it and have a shortlist of options but want to …

Reducing Terms and Conditions Friction

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Most sites have a checkbox for Terms and Conditions: This increases friction because the user has to take an action (clicking the checkbox). On the message just states that if the main action button on the page is clicked (in this case Send) user is automatically accepting terms:

Difficult Choices Kill Conversion Rates

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We think choices are good, but if you don’t clearly describe the differences between choices you are most definitely hurting conversion rates. Consider this: A shopper is looking to buy a wireless temperature sensor for their grill. They land on product page: The item sounds impressive and within their price range. But now the shopper notices a second option …

Guiding Through a Complex Purchase

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Buying a large banner print online can be overwhelming: what if you screw up the order? has developed a clever solution. When you first visit a product page (for example what would normally look like … … transforms to this– And when you click Next the next tip appears: Click Next one more time: Click Next one last time: …

Credit Card Field

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For any ecommerce store capturing the credit card number is the most important step.  Therefore, it makes sense to have the most user-friendly credit card capture interface.  And Google has nailed this. When you first click on their credit card box they show payment icons in the background of the text box.  Like this– Then when you type the first …