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Improving Your Marketing Messaging in 2019

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Many businesses offer consultation services to help their customers find exactly what they need or improve a certain aspect of their life. Often, these consultation services are split up into different “levels”. There may be a free consultation, a more expensive consultation package with more features, and an even more expensive package with even more features. Take this page from …

Best Practice: Mobile Landing Pages

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Is there a need for special consideration for a mobile landing page? Yes. If you are driving desktop paid traffic to a self-contained landing page (meaning links from that landing page to the homepage have been hidden) you need to watch this video. In the video, I talk about my experience on ButcherBox mobile landing page:

My Holiday Shopping Experience

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Now that it’s the holiday season, we are seeing websites use many different strategies to increase conversions. Some of these strategies include special holiday sales, free holiday shipping, extended return and refund policies, and so on. While doing my Christmas shopping for one of my close friends, I decided to take some mental notes of my observations while on the …