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What Makes a Good Story?

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Of the 7 conversion triggers Story is probably the most powerful. But, what is Story? Story is the emotion we evoke in the mind of the audience. The difference between an average and good story is 512x. Let me illustrate with a story. A sales guy has been working at a mattress store for 5 years. Like most brick and …

Can Price Sensitivity Be Influenced? Yes

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Written form of the video above: As marketers, we tend to want to put the consumer into price buckets. I’ve had conversations where the marketer would say: our target audience are retired people, or our target audience are people who make over $130k. This implies an affluent shopper who is price insensitive is price insensitive for ALL purchases. And someone …

Take a Stand

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Often, what you stand for is even more important than the product you sell. Flowers for Dreams is a flower shop in Chicago that has an opinion. So, when you get to their site you have to answer a simple question. A question that doesn’t have anything to do with buying flowers:

Fear …

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Narrative Control is an attempt to make something positive that is or will be perceived as negative. Fear is something often considered as negative, and since everyone is affected by fear, this poses a great opportunity for Narrative Control. Take for example this ad from ProShares: It’s no doubt that brick-and-mortar stores are being affected from online retailers such as …

Don’t Be Lazy This Holiday Season

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During the holiday selling season websites typically add a sitewide design theme and/or message: But they keep the rest of the site the same. For many sites, holiday selling is THE make/break part of their year. Now, we know product page descriptions are THE single biggest conversion catalysts. So, here is my question, why not rewrite your product page description …

Stories Matter

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If you have the ability to tell an amazing story you can mark-up some things 1,200%, even candy floss. And story isn’t just words, it’s also the packaging. Check out Bag of Unicorn Farts: Sells on Amazon for $10.95: And people who buy it aren’t enraged that they could by the same quantity of cotton candy for 20 cents. No, …

Word Count Doesn’t Matter, Words Do

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Marketers know 2 things: 1: The biggest obstacle with buying online is overcoming the trust hurdle. 2: Shoppers have very low attention spans. If it’s more than a few words no one will read it. 1: is true and 2: is false. Word count doesn’t matter, words do. This trust building page is really long but it’s also very readable …

Copy Sells

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We know that making a connection with the consumer can increase conversions through price points, warranties and guarantees and promotional freebies, but have we overlooked a more powerful connection? Joshua Glenn is writer, editor and brand analyst and Rob Walker is also a writer and contributor to the New York Times. These two creatives came up with an idea to …

Site Search

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If your site has a search box and a user enters multiple search terms (one after another), it tells us two things: a.) they are motivated, b.) they are having a difficulty locating their target item. When this happens you need to show them a really well-written message that suggests they speak with a product specialist.

Stop Being Boring

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Mirrormate is in the business selling mirror frames. Their tagline is FRAME THAT BARE MIRROR: Nothing remarkable about that. What is remarkable is that they use the spirit of their tagline to introduce their team: Your customers have a sense of humor. Don’t be scared to show them your playful side.