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If customers leave an unfair review diffuse the situation by responding to their comment (pointed by red arrow in screenshot below)— Why does this matter?  Because reviews live on forever.  If your site has 100s of products with 1000s of reviews I suggest starting with your top selling items and working backwards. This might seem like a labor intensive project …

Easy of Use Is Use

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment product pages have a question and answer section— Clicking it reveals— Where you can see a whole list of questions that were answered by people who purchased this product. If your question hasn’t already been answered just type it in and post it. When it’s answered by the community you’ll be notified via email—

Beyond Reviews

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There’s no doubt that customer reviews generate conversions. is a product page with 75 reviews.  But understands that sometimes a potential buyer might have a question that isn’t answered in a review, or is too time consuming to locate.  And this is why they have a feature called ASK a Question on the product page– On click– For …

Real-Time Activity

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While ecommerce is growing rapidly the fact of the matter is most of your site visitors have never bought from you.  Building confidence in these visitors is key.  Linda Bustos from the excellent GetElastic blog shares a great example.  Backcountry, an online retailer, has a unique feature called “Bubblelicious”.  If, while you are on their category page, someone adds an …