Easy of Use Is Use

Amazon.com product pages have a question and answer section— Clicking it reveals— Where you can see a whole list of questions that were answered by people who purchased this product. If your question hasn’t already been answered just type it in and post it. When it’s answered by the community you’ll be notified via email—

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Beyond Reviews

There’s no doubt that customer reviews generate conversions.  http://www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au/Current-Specials/Top-Sellers-On-Sale/Scanpan-Classic-Covered-Chef-Pan-32cm is a product page with 75 reviews.  But kitchenwaredirect.com.au understands that sometimes a potential buyer might have a question that isn’t answered in a review, or is too time consuming to locate.  And this is why they have a feature called ASK a Question on the …

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