I Don’t Know Why This Bothers Me So Much

While on the oakley.com I wanted to check out what they had for prescription glasses so I went to their search box and keyed in “prescription”.  The results page highlighted a related New Release, Top Seller and Featured Item.  Brilliant idea.  Below that they also presented a result set of 96 items:

Search on oakley.com

Much later, after several other clicks, I discovered Oakley also has a homepage for prescription glasses, see below:

What I don’t understand is why my search couldn’t just take me to this page.

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The Unreasonable Customer – Part 1

My girlfriend complains that I nitpick a lot, and she is right, but as an observer in the world of eCommerce I see many instances where marketers fail to take money from eager customers.

Today I came across a documentary called “Pitch People” and after seeing the trailer I decided to see if Netflix carried it. They didn’t. But even if they didn’t carry the movie I feel this was an opportunity for NetFlix to say “Hey Rishi, while we don’t carry Pitch People we think you might like this other documentary on the history of selling”. Or something like that.

Is it complicated to set up such a system? Sure. Would it make me buy more? Definitely.

Alternative: “We expect to get this title soon.  Please drop your email address to be the first to know when it becomes available.”


While I’m nitpicking, I might as well do some more. According to Internet Retailer limogesjewelry.com is a top 10 jewelry site. I performed a search for ‘blank bracelet’ (and other related terms) and received a ‘no matches’ message. Bracelets is a big category on their site and while I understand they don’t carry non-inscribed bracelets I feel they could have handled my query better. For example, they could have said “While we don’t carry blank bracelets we do have some pretty cool inscribed ones, shown here” or “while we don’t carry non-inscribed bracelets other online retailers like x.com and y.com do. For any future need for personalized jewelry do give us a visit”


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Search on TV/Print content sites

The websites of TV/Print content platforms have become hugely popular. And they get millions of weekly hits. But when it comes to their search bars I believe these sites are unique because the way people perform searches on oprah.com or hgtv.com is very characteristic. (I believe) most people enter phrases from recent issues or shows when searching these sites.

This weekend I saw an innovative product featured on HGTV.  I went to their site, performed a keyword search and was impressed to see results sorted by show names (and episode numbers)! Another way to improve search results is by uploading closed captioning and linking it to the search keywords.


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