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Site Search

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If your site has a search box and a user enters multiple search terms (one after another), it tells us two things: a.) they are motivated, b.) they are having a difficulty locating their target item. When this happens you need to show them a really well-written message that suggests they speak with a product specialist.

Increasing Site Search Usage

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When I study Google Analytics data I often find that shoppers who use Site Search convert at a higher rate and generate better Average Order Values. If this is true for your site too consider doing what does. When you land on their homepage the cursor starts blinking on Site Search box. This is subtle effect but it makes all …

Site Search

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Google Analytics has a report that shows conversion rate of people who use your site search box, and the percentage of site visitors that use it. If you notice that the conversion rate is really high (relative to site average) and utilization is really low then you could do what does. They have a search graphic element anchored to the …

Expanding Search Box

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 2 Comments knows site visitors use Site Search extensively to hunt for recipes.  But needs to use screen real-estate judiciously, thus search box can’t be too big.  How does one satisfy these two opposing realities? Allrecipes has found a solution.  When a visitor clicks Site Search box they dynamically make it bigger— Will this idea work on your site?  A/B …

Return Policy

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You may think your return policy page link is super visible.  But Google Analytics data will reveal a very small % of site visitors see your return policy content.  If this is true for your site I have a suggestion– edit Site Search settings  (from admin) so that when shoppers enter variations of the phrase “return policy” they are taken …

Helping Shoppers Search Quickly

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment sells 1000s of business cards (among other things). I saw this ad … … so I clicked it.  That took me to this page– Screenshot– What I love about this landing page is that it was designed for someone arriving from the ad. realizes when shoppers are presented with 168 X 24 = 4,032 card designs (too …

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

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With on-site search etailers can measure result page effectiveness by observing Search Exits and Search Refinements.  However, the big limitation with analytics is that it only answers the “what is happening?” question.  To get to “why is this happening?” we need to make a small code tweak and display this below result page (borrowed from does this too…

Capturing Intent

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Like most e-tailers suffers from the 3% conversion infection.  I don’t actually know their conversion rate but let’s just go with the industry standard here. We know everything about the 3% that transacted but very little about the 97% that didn’t.  Yes, we could study their click trails but that’s indirect evidence. Overstock’s solution- A big, prominent, inviting search …

I Don’t Know Why This Bothers Me So Much

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While on the I wanted to check out what they had for prescription glasses so I went to their search box and keyed in “prescription”.  The results page highlighted a related New Release, Top Seller and Featured Item.  Brilliant idea.  Below that they also presented a result set of 96 items: Much later, after several other clicks, I discovered …

The Unreasonable Customer – Part 1

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My girlfriend complains that I nitpick a lot, and she is right, but as an observer in the world of eCommerce I see many instances where marketers fail to take money from eager customers. Today I came across a documentary called “Pitch People” and after seeing the trailer I decided to see if Netflix carried it. They didn’t. But even …

Top sellers

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When a customer searches for the term ‘top sellers’ take them to the top seller section, don’t throw a random list, it does not inspire me to buy. Related example: Top sellers lists, Re-pointing bad results

Search on TV/Print content sites

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The websites of TV/Print content platforms have become hugely popular. And they get millions of weekly hits. But when it comes to their search bars I believe these sites are unique because the way people perform searches on or is very characteristic. (I believe) most people enter phrases from recent issues or shows when searching these sites. This …