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On when you get to cart page they have a clever design element that shows a partial 5% off coupon code— On click we see this popup— The idea is pretty simple, shoppers who are incentivized by the discount can access it by letting their Twitter or Facebook friends know about the order. Idea described above is a plug and …

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Rishi Rawat Blog Leave a Comment knows 2 things- 1. Some shoppers prefer buying offline 2. Using geolocation they can identify visitors from states with Dale and Thomas stores How do they act on this data? Observe bottom left corner-

Illinois Residents Pay No Sales Tax

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This is a great example of personalization.  The first thing I noticed on was that I wouldn’t have to pay sales tax with the purchase.  Observe bottom right corner of screenshot–   Anyone visiting the site (barring Florida, which is where is based) will see the same message with Illinois replaced by their state name.  This is what …


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One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is that I can organize my consideration set based on cost, popularity, organic or any other parameter. So why most retailers don’t put this front and center on their sites is unknown. is one eTailer that does do this really well. Notice the sorting options – Featured, Top Rated, Most Popular, …

Solving Shopping Cart Abandonment Problem

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Reviews influence shoppers…. 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. Additionally, consumers are willing to pay significantly more for services that are highly rated. But what if a customer gets to a page with no reviews? My hunch is that this might have a negative effect… Here …

The Difference Between Good And Great

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My work colleague shops at This one time he added a couple of tee-shirts to his shopping cart and then, like 33% of online shoppers, decided not to buy. still wanted his business, and so, at the opportune time sent him an email. This, dear marketers, is how it’s done.

Toward Higher Response Rates

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Quantity centric attempts to improve email marketing effectiveness is far too scattered a strategy to ever have metric level dependability. However, it is true that people shop (more) when happy and this is an element marketers could consider when developing email marketing programs. And, it turns out, over a relatively large, related, sample size group behavior is astonishingly predictable. I …