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Selling Premium Items on

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Amazon optimizes for reviews and the cheapest prices, meaning the two metrics they look at to determine the search results ranking are number of quality reviews and product price. If you offer a premium product and you know how Amazon ranks products, then you need to explain why your premium option is better in your product description.

My Holiday Shopping Experience

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Now that it’s the holiday season, we are seeing websites use many different strategies to increase conversions. Some of these strategies include special holiday sales, free holiday shipping, extended return and refund policies, and so on. While doing my Christmas shopping for one of my close friends, I decided to take some mental notes of my observations while on the …

How to Use Serendipity in Email Marketing

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Serendipity is one of the 16 conversion tactics. It has two sub-categories: Luck and Clairvoyance. Luck creates the sense that the user is lucky to have come across something on the page. Clairvoyance creates the sense that the seller predicted something about the user. This email from TicketMaster is a great example of Luck within Serendipity: Video: The email: Why …

Don’t Be Lazy This Holiday Season

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During the holiday selling season websites typically add a sitewide design theme and/or message: But they keep the rest of the site the same. For many sites, holiday selling is THE make/break part of their year. Now, we know product page descriptions are THE single biggest conversion catalysts. So, here is my question, why not rewrite your product page description …