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Coupon Codes Page

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Shari’s Berries ( knows shoppers are trained to hunt for coupon codes.  Instead of having shoppers visit sites like or Shari’s Berries wants to keep coupon searchers on their site.  So they’ve created a page that lists their current coupons.  This is a win-win for both the shopper (convenience) and retailer (saving on affiliate fees, plus preventing a site like …

Early Stage Leads

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I’m considering buying a printer so I started by entering this search phrase on Google: Here are the paid ads that showed up: The Xerox ad is better than Epson’s but neither truly capitalize on the opportunity.  An ad copy like “Learn how Xerox laser printers compare to inkjets” might have worked better.

Candle Burning Times

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Saw a great video interview on Dr. Ralph Wilson’s site with Brad Geddes.  Brad talks about using search queries to discern user intent and provides a fantastic example: A search for “candle burning times” indicates a person who needs more infomation before making a purchase. Instead of sending them to a product page, provide the information they need, then send …

What People Want

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The oddest thing happened today. I was looking up traffic data for on and happened to notice the top 5 keywords that drive traffic to the site (look under Search Analytics in the image below). I did a double take on noticing two of the most popular terms were chocolate + “hacker safe” and boxed chocolate + “hacker …

What Do Customers Want?

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In his book Meatball Sundae Seth Godin lists a list: Anti-bush Army wife Autism Costume alternatives Dance Kakopelli Marines Nuclear Vegetarian Weenies These (in alphabetical order) are the top 10 searches on, the 284th most popular website in the world. No tee shirt retailer could have predicted this is what customers wanted. What cafe press has done is flip …

Re-pointing Bad Results

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Marketers review searches on their eCommerce sites fairly regularly. The modus operandi is to redirect ‘0 results found’ terms to appropriate pages. While this is a good strategy it does not leverage on the wisdom of crowds. To really get a sense of what the query intended I would take that search term and paste it on Google to see …

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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40% of online visitors to a site use search functionality. But onsite search is still a very poor way of getting to results. Retailers can do a few things to improve this: – Store all searches that led to no results I believe most retailers are already doing this to iteratively improve results. The objective here is to isolate the …

Search Industry Needs To Adapt

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The folks at e-consultancy have written a riveting piece on search engine marketing where they argue that ‘conversion’ is now being replaced by softer call to actions. “SEMs are asking whether or not the searcher will return at a later date through a different keyword to convert, or how many offline sales the keyword can generate, or even how much …

The Slanket

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The average eCommerce site has a 3-6% conversion rate. Most retailers know this. And so, when they want to increase online revenue etailers spend heavily on ad words. But instead of constantly increasing size of the pie why not focus on increasing conversion? After all, if 94% to 97% of visitors are not buying you’ve got bigger problems. There are …

Discovering New Categories

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Have you ever walked into a Foot Locker outlet and asked the sales associate for a pair of vegetarian shoes? Neither have I. But did you know vegetarian shoes is the fastest growing category on So, why didn’t Foot Locker this of this category first? After all they are a profit driven company. The truth is that Foot Locker …