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Guiding Through a Complex Purchase

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Buying a large banner print online can be overwhelming: what if you screw up the order? has developed a clever solution. When you first visit a product page (for example what would normally look like … … transforms to this– And when you click Next the next tip appears: Click Next one more time: Click Next one last time: …

Compare and Contrast

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Few facts about online shoppers— 1: They are impatient and unexcited about reading your 2,000 word product description. 2: They hate making a bad purchase decision, but the alternative of comparing multiple products on multiple sites isn’t ideal either. To solve for 1 and 2 consider adding an infographic like this on your product page—  

Powerful About Us Page

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About Us pages on most sites read like a forced assignment, there is no soul in them.  And then I stumbled on this About Us page on— Thank you for checking out my Big Belly Banks.  I get up every morning and thank God for the small business that I have.  I’m proud to design and make a unique, …

No Need to Login

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On many sites when you advance from cart page they require you to create an account in order to complete the transaction.  Shoppers hate this, which is why advertises message below on their cart page (red arrow screenshot)—

Actual Size

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One of the downsides of shopping online is that it’s hard to know product size dimensions.  Some retailers place a coin next to product image so we can visualize relative size, but even that approach isn’t perfect. I was looking at a Shark Mug on and noticed this curious link (red arrow in screenshot below)— On click this appeared …

Virtual Greeter

Rishi Rawat Blog 3 Comments uses a virtual greeter on their homepage— On your first visit the greeter reads a standard welcome script, lists brands carried and assures lowest prices. But if you exit and return to site her message changes to, “Still browsing? Confused about different compression levels and styles? Call us toll-free at (877) 330-5900. Speak to our experienced certified fitters. I’m …

Micro Conversions Matter

Rishi Rawat Blog 2 Comments is a sports nutrition site that sells to people who are into body building and losing weight.  They understand that once a shopper believes in the Labrada brand they’ll buy Labrada nutrition products on a regular basis.  This is why when a new visitor comes to their site they don’t aggressively push product sales.  Their primary goal is to …

Come out and Say It

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3ACTIVE is a brand of 3D glasses by Dimensional Optics ( is an e-tailer that competes against Dimensional Optics.  Makes sense so far?  Ok. I Googled 3ACTIVE and this paid ad appeared on my screen— With a juicy message like What 3active Owners Wish They Knew. Before Buying – Avoid Regret! it’s impossible to not click the ad.  Clicking the …

Case Study: Make Them See Your Point of View

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As online retailers we want our site visitors to behave a certain way.  Our visitors have their own ideas about what they want to do.  E-tailers who figure out a way to get what they want are the most profitable. sells art supplies.  Most art supply items are fairly inexpensive (averaging $5-$10) so one-time purchases aren’t in the interest …

Let Us Call You

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Anything you do that reduces friction will improve conversions.  You know this, and knows this.  That is why on product pages they have this prominent call-to-action— How does this make a difference, you ask?  Well, shoppers who have unanswered questions have 0% probability of converting; shoppers who have unanswered questions have 15% interest in going trough customer service hoop …

Data Breach + Bad Usability = Worst Possible Combo

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Target (the retailer) was hacked recently and 110 million customer records were stolen.  Target took swift action and offered customers free credit monitoring for 1 year.  They sent an email asking customers to visit and enter their activation code. Let’s think about this from the perspective of a Target customer.  They are obviously freaking out and any personal information …