We Were ‘Inspired’ By Amazon.com

I know Amazon.com owns a patent on “1-Click ordering” but what about their site design itself? Obviously Amazon.com serves as a great design inspiration for any ecommerce site but can I legally rip off their design? This morning I came across an online store delphiglass.com.  This is not some small under the radar etailer, delphiglass.com …

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ShopPBS.com — Redesigned But Still Sucky

— They still don’t let customers review products. — Generic filter options – price, title and new.  What about – most popular, biggest discount, most gifted, VHS, etc?  They do have a Best Seller list but that sorts all titles, one can’t search best sellers within a category. They have adopted the lowest common denominator …

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Same Product, Totally Different Brand Experience

I wanted to see how different retailers sold the same product, and so, for the sake of this study, randomly picked the Alpine CDE-9870 car CD system and compared it with 2 retailers specializing in car stereo systems: – Crutchfield – Car Toys Both Crutchfield and Car Toys are established multi-channel players. Crutchfield mails out …

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Does Design Have A Quantifiable Impact?

CNBC started promoting their new website in the October – November timeframe and launched it on Dec 05, 2006 (according to archive.org). In the next 10 months traffic jumped 139%. 334,000 new readers have been added to their previous installed base of 200,000 readers. So what does this mean? CNBC is a news portal where …

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