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Guest Checkout

Rishi Rawat Blog 2 Comments, like most retailers, offers Guest Checkout— But what they do that’s smart is that when Guest Checkout is selected they ask for an email address before revealing other fields– This might seem like a small detail. But consider this: 20% of shoppers who reach shipping/billing page don’t complete the order. By capturing email address upfront might not guarantee a sale …

Beautiful Design Can Hurt Conversions

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Here is a screenshot of the top half of— Spend 30 seconds looking at it and tell me which page element grabbed your attention the strongest. [Don’t scroll down till you’ve made your selection] For me it was the ugly neon green “Custom Made Tarps” message. Assuming makes highest margin on their custom products (which they most likely …

Discount Code Location

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These days many sites have promos where they offer shoppers a discount if they ‘comment on’ or ‘like’ their brand on Facebook.  Most display these promos on landing pages or product pages.  While those location are OK the best idea is to do what does, they show their message on cart page, where it has the highest chance to getting …

Are You Giving Your Top Seller Enough Love?

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Stop everything, open Google Analytics, select 9 month time period and see Conversions—> Ecommerce—>Product Performance report.  It’s highly likely that your top seller sells 2X as many units as the next best seller (Zipf’s law).  Now go to your top seller product page (on your site) and copy page link name.  Return to Google Analytics and go to Behavior—>Site Content—>All Pages report and …

Reducing Checkout Friction on Mobile Devices

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Came across this really interesting article by Baymard Institute with examples of mobile sites where form fields (think checkout pages) weren’t configured properly with keyboard ‘type’.  Do your site checkout pages make any of these mistakes (see notes below screenshots)? At Cabela’s, the e-mail keyboard isn’t invoked despite customized the placeholder text.

Reducing Checkout Friction

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An incredibly large number of shoppers abandon during checkout. On the first half of their visit (homepage, category page, product page and add to cart click) shoppers are building a mental case for buying an item.  During second half of visit (cart page, shipping and billing page) they’re building a case to not buy.  During this phase even the slightest inconvenience …

About Us Dropdown

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I’ve talked about the importance of About Us pages many, many, times and each example is a unique way of presenting About Us content.  But, if you have a really short About Us message you may like how displays their About Us content.  I don’t like their content per se but I do like the format in which they …

Quick View Solution

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In a previous post I debated if Quick View interface was really needed.  Basically, Quick View is a mechanism online retailers use to allow shoppers to buy directly from subcategory pages (bypassing the product page).  Example— When Quick View is clicked a lightbox like this appears— Why I hate Quick View— product images on category pages are shrunk down, and Quick …

Site Search

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Google Analytics has a report that shows conversion rate of people who use your site search box, and the percentage of site visitors that use it. If you notice that the conversion rate is really high (relative to site average) and utilization is really low then you could do what does. They have a search graphic element anchored to the …

Recently Viewed

Rishi Rawat Blog 1 Comment sells a huge selection office supplies— from dozen varieties of ink cartridges to paper products.  Shoppers who are browsing multiple product pages might have a hard time keeping track.  This is why has a prominent floating element (anchored to bottom of page) that displays recently viewed items. Closed state— Open state— What I like about this tactic— 1: …

Be a Little Original

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Someone needs to let the graphic designer behind know that we’ve seen homepage— homepage (notice sections pointed by red arrows in screenshot below)— What surprises me about Delphi Glass is that it’s an established company (started in 1972), with nearly 100,000 monthly site visitors, and products (artistic glass project supplies) that are available all over the US.  The worst part …


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Nearly all email signup forms look the same and make the same promise (we will not spam you).  If you’re looking to dramatically improve email signups why not try something different? An example shared by my friend Vanya Buvac (link to his watch store).  Screenshot below was taken from—