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If the Survey Request Sucks No One Will Participate

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After a recent visit with a local ophthalmologist, I received this Voice of the Customer survey request: I doubt this survey request was successful for a number of reasons. The heading has no personality and it is visually bland. If any patients decided to continue reading, they would have been met with similar copy that provides no incentive for completing …

Clever Popup

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Shoppers ignore everything, especially annoying popups. So, to draw attention show something unexpected. On text is intentionally shown outside the popup box. This creates an asymmetry, which causes the shopper to slow down and notice the message. Few milliseconds of slowdown make all the difference:  

Novelty: Add a Dash of Personality

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The brain is a curious device. Who knows why it’s drawn to certain things and freaked out by others (go ahead and Google trypophobia). Marketers are always concerned with the Visibility of their page. One method that is beginning to be used more and more frequently is Novelty. But what is Novelty? Novelty is a design trick that is meant …


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On the top half of home there are 2 prominent links: Clicking either one takes you to the same result page ( But isn’t that a bad idea, you ask? Isn’t homepage real estate prime? Why repeat the same message but word it differently? Actually, what SnapCorrect is doing is clever. The tactic is called redundancy. Having just one …

Ensure 90% of Site Visitors See Your #1 Asset

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If 90% of your site visitors aren’t seeing your #1 asset then the person responsible for not achieving your potential is you. is an online store.  As I explored their site I didn’t see anything that really blew my mind: they have a fairly good product selection, fairly OK site design and fairly good number of customer reviews.  Then …

Bad Ad

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment has this prominent (and likely expensive) ad on The ad did a good job enticing me to want to click.  So I did.  I was then shown this landing page: The landing page doesn’t say one thing about keychains.  But what’s worse is that the user is completely stuck; you can’t get rid of the app download top bar …

Teaser Capture

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Here is a lead capture form on– Let me tell you why it’s amazing.  Notice the blank YOUR BUSINESS QUALIFIES FOR: and NUMBER OF AVAILABLE LENDERS: section.  They’ve been left blank intentionally.  Potential borrowers will want to start filling the form just to see how much they qualify for.  It’s an itch that must be scratched.

Full Screen Popup

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These days most sites show an email signup popup when the user is about to exit the site. does something slightly different.  They show a full screen overlay for the newsletter popup.  It actually looks pretty good and was different enough for me to take notice and write about it– Do you know of any sites that have interesting …