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Why The ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ Strategy Does Not Work All The Time

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For certain categories other people’s buying behavior simply does not make sense. For example, why would a person buying a messenger bag also be interested in shorts or a sweater? Another example: According to e-consultancy providing web shoppers with bad quality recommendations could be worse than offering no recommendations at all. You can read the article here.

Online Retailing For Dummies

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While online retailing is considered a highly complex science involving deep understanding of aspirational behavior in reality it’s a rather simple practice. In the online world simple ideas have mega-impact. An illustration: Irrespective of the product category the equation ‘shipping charge > product price’ is always a losing proposition, so why does IKEA indulge in it? The only instance where …

Valentines Day Scam

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Retailers pay a lot of attention to store walk-ins; in fact they can rightfully claim to be experts. But they don’t know diddly squat about customer service. An example. Through I steer clear of the Valentines Day scam this year I decided to get something from RedEnvelope. Click click and I was at the shipping options page (this was turning …