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Click = Bounce

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I saw this very clever banner ad today: It was well designed and from a retailer I recognized.  Normally, I’m not a sucker for online advertising but this “tabbed” day look grabbed my attention and the fact that the day was cleverly set to Wednesday when today is Wednesday really intrigued me (relevance!!).  The ad had achieved all it was …

Marketing Hooks

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Two years ago I bought these hooks.  From where? No clue.  Who makes them? No idea.  So when it came time to buy more I had no way of rewarding the company that triggered the repeat purchase. I do remember the manufacturer had slapped the url on the product packaging but that’s of little use.  Wish they had embossed the …

The Trouble With $3 Jamba Juice Smoothies

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Retailers are working extra hard these days.  On my afternoon walk I saw two guys standing near the station selling $3 Jamba Juice smoothies out of a white box.  I know Jamba Juice wants to drive sales but I think this is a penny wise pound foolish strategy for three principle reasons: — Brand dilution: I thought the unique selling …

Discouraging WOM

Rishi Rawat Blog 3 Comments is an online retailer of beads that receives over 12,886 monthly visitors.  Check out their super complicated Captcha:

You Just Lost A Potential Customer

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“Site under construction” is a message I encounter often.  And it always makes me wonder why companies don’t just capture my email address and send an email when the site is live.  Today I came across and they’ve implemented this strategy: So I entered my email address and pressed go.  This is their follow up page: I cannot believe …

Would You Consider This A Design Flaw?

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I was on the Wish List page on and noticed a search box.  Being a curious monkey I entered ‘h’: I was surprised to see this list pop up.  The screenshot below is a partial screenshot of the results page: It has the customers full name and address.  Would you consider this a design flaw? If you want to …

Making The Most Of “Out Of Stock”

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It sucks when an interested customer stumbles on your site only to discover that the item they were just about to buy is out to stock. This morning I was reading the hugely popular Outblush blog where they profiled Karacoma Sofa.  After reading the article I visited and realized the product was “Temporarily out of stock”. I wish the …

I Don’t Know Why This Bothers Me So Much

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While on the I wanted to check out what they had for prescription glasses so I went to their search box and keyed in “prescription”.  The results page highlighted a related New Release, Top Seller and Featured Item.  Brilliant idea.  Below that they also presented a result set of 96 items: Much later, after several other clicks, I discovered …

Does this constitute bad usability?

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While on I noticed their Fruit Spread Sampler came in two varieties: box of 9 and box of 18. However, the product description states “Gift includes six tempting flavors—strawberry, orange marmalade, peach, raspberry, grape and blueberry”. My question is if there are six flavors and 9 jars which three flavors get added twice? Do you believe this ambiguity might …

Buzz kill

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The worst a retailer could do is promote a product that’s not part of the promotion. This morning I was at and saw a very tempting 70% off sale. The image prominently displayed cheese and salami and since I was looking to buy salami I clicked on it. Here is the ad: The only problem is that none of …

The Costs (And Benefits) Of Showing Prices

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If there is one unifying message in this blog it is that if you honestly care about your customer they will reward you in kind. Today I was reading an article on online pricing at The author lists 8 strategies. I am reproducing strategy 2 for ya’ll: I cannot believe anyone would actually suggest this. is the …

Customer Feedback

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Heather, who is a bare escentuals fan dropped me an email letting me know about her experience at the site. I thought she made a really good point. Is anyone at listening?

(Don’t) Mail To A Friend

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Tiffany has a great website, great product-line and loyal customers. I can’t afford to shop there but was looking at Tiffany Mark Quartz resonator watch which retails for $11,650! Just for fun, I emailed the item to myself. For all their greatness someone in the company needs to update the ‘email this item’ interface. This is the email I received: …

5 Worthless Drill Clicks

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Many retailers like Value City don’t sell online but that doesn’t stop them from making customers waste time thinking that they do…. This is my drill-down journey from their homepage to a product page. Click 1 Click 2 Click 3 Click 4 Click 5