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Be a Little Original

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Someone needs to let the graphic designer behind know that we’ve seen homepage— homepage (notice sections pointed by red arrows in screenshot below)— What surprises me about Delphi Glass is that it’s an established company (started in 1972), with nearly 100,000 monthly site visitors, and products (artistic glass project supplies) that are available all over the US.  The worst part …


Rishi Rawat Blog Leave a Comment displays this competitor comparison tool on some pages (where their prices are better) … Example: … but they don’t show it on other product pages.  Example– Doesn’t this just tell the shopper they should check other websites for a lower priced Nike Golf SQ Machspeed Graphite Iron Set – 4-AW set? Showing “Compare Our Prices” on some …

Minimum Order Amount Allowed is $50

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On if you add an item that’s less than $50 to cart you will be greeted by this jarring message– is a B2B business and they probably have this minimum $50 policy for very good reason.  That said, right next to the message I would have added a link called “Why?”.  And for visitors that click it I …


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This is an actual product page … … can you spot the ADD TO CART button?  See live page–

Coach Needs Training

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On clicking a product image on category page displays product details in a 50% size pop-up window– It would be nice if this pop-up was optional and visitors who wanted to see a full product page could do so.  But only shows the pop-up.  Here’s the problem– if the product pop-up is compressed 50% then customer reviews are …

Broken Chat

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On one of the most important shopping days of the year (today) I noticed’s chat was broken– Ouch.  Hopefully this is a temporary glitch. Update: Looks like chat is back online.

Bait and Switch Tactic

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In the book Mind Programming author Eldon Taylor shares his experience selling sewing machines using bait-and-switch: It started with an offer too good to be true.  In the 1960s credit depended upon a deposit– a down payment of 10% in those days.  Credit was freely available.  Getting the down payment became the most difficult part of making a sale, so …

Exclusive Club

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Here is how many potential customers pisses off every day-

Even Billion Dollar Companies Make Mistakes

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Freddie Mac, one of America’s biggest buyers of home mortgages, has a nifty tool; a Rent vs. Buy calculator that helps potential home buyers decide if they should buy or continue renting.  Here is one huge mistake: The tool didn’t let me pick a value of -1%.  It says I must assume home values will appreciate between 0 and 100%.  …

30 Day Comment Limit

Rishi Rawat Blog Leave a Comment probably has a damn good reason but I’m convinced this (red box in image below) … … is a terrible idea.  Spammers 1, readers 0. Related Articles: Discouraging WOM and Making The Most Of “Out Of Stock”.

Email Marketing In An Image Free World

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This is how Cole Haan email looks in the eyes of the marketing manager reviewing creatives- And this is how the same email appears in the eyes of the recipient with her Images Turned Off (which is the default setting)- Here is an example of how works around the problem-