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Monday Inspiration

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Next time someone from your team makes a mistake be more forgiving.  Because we all make them.  1. AdSense is the second most important way in which Google makes money.  2. Mobile is the biggest shift in how consumers use the web. Screenshots below are of Google’s AdSense mobile page.  Notice the poor formatting (NEXT: button right below Why AdSense? doesn’t fit …

Moving Away from Norm Can Be a Conversion Killer

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When I’m on a shipping page I expect to see this basic template– But asks for an extra piece of mandatory info.  They ask for County name– Why do they do this?  I don’t even know my county name.  I’m guessing many shoppers don’t.

Readable Reviews

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Which review is easier and quicker to read? Review 1 (actual size): Review 2 (actual size): That’s right, it’s review 2.  Always present reviews in larger font size and darker font color.  You’ll be happy with the result.

VIP Priority Processing

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Noticed something new and am not sure if it’s a bad idea or a brilliant one.  On when you add an item to cart, and start checkout process, this popup appears— At one level it feels brilliant because $2.95 is a small enough fee but at the same time I feel it may end up annoying anyone who doesn’t …

Reducing Checkout Friction on Mobile Devices

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Came across this really interesting article by Baymard Institute with examples of mobile sites where form fields (think checkout pages) weren’t configured properly with keyboard ‘type’.  Do your site checkout pages make any of these mistakes (see notes below screenshots)? At Cabela’s, the e-mail keyboard isn’t invoked despite customized the placeholder text.

We All Make Mistakes

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I was looking for a replacement cartridge for my HP printer. So I ran a Google search … … and clicked HP’s paid ad (the blue box in screenshot above is a perfect match for my search term). Here is HP’s landing page—

Paid Service

Rishi Rawat Blog 2 Comments is a great site where members submit and rate recipes.  They have a paid plan.  If you want your customers to signup for a paid plan don’t talk about features that are down the road, no one cares about that—

A Request

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Please don’t force browsers to show a warning message that could freak shoppers when they land on your site.  I saw this when I visited from my desktop computer— Without even seeing actual opt-in rates for this pop-up I can bet it’s less than 15%.  And the 15% that do allow to know their location probably click it …

Data Breach + Bad Usability = Worst Possible Combo

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Target (the retailer) was hacked recently and 110 million customer records were stolen.  Target took swift action and offered customers free credit monitoring for 1 year.  They sent an email asking customers to visit and enter their activation code. Let’s think about this from the perspective of a Target customer.  They are obviously freaking out and any personal information …

David and Goliath

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Many mid-sized e-tailers believe that the Amazons of the world have too much of a lead on them.  This isn’t true.  Every week I notice one major error at one large ecommerce site.  An example— screenshot below is of subcategory page— You’ll notice I’ve highlighted product reviews with red boxes in screenshot.  Here’s the funny part— if you visit …

Email Subscription Popup Is OK on All Pages Except One

Rishi Rawat Blog 2 Comments has a sitewide email signup popup that appears on every landing page.  I get it, they want to maximize email signups.  Here is where the logic breaks.  I’ve been receiving a little too many emails from lately, so this morning I clicked the “unsubscribe” link on their latest email.  This took me to their unsubscribe page where, because …