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Black Friday Tip

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If your Black Friday product pages have jargon (black highlight) and features without benefits (red text) no one is going to buy what you’re selling:

My Problem with Amazon

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Everyone is saying Amazon will gobble up independent retailers. But Amazon isn’t perfect. There are too many vendors listing the same product on its platform, which creates a poor buyer experience. Here is my story: Here is the Amazon listing page:  

Quick View: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

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Many sites show QUICK VIEW option on category pages. The idea, I guess, is to help the shopper buy directly from the category page. See red arrow in screenshot below: On click: Is there evidence these actually improve conversion rates? Based on the research ( I’ve seen, and experienced firsthand, they likely have a negative impact. This reminds me of …

Ad Budget Isn’t Everything

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Facebook has unlimited money and can throw as much as they want at a marketing awareness opportunity. But money isn’t everything. This ad by Facebook for workspace (screenshot below doesn’t show the ad video) has extremely low engagement considering the number of views (see red and blue boxes below):

No One Cares About the Next Order

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On your PPC landing pages never show a popup that promises a saving on the second purchase: Shoppers clicking paid search ads (excluding branded ads) have multiple tabs open and are reviewing multiple offers at the same time. They’re in “speed dating” mode. An offer that applies to their next purchase is a total waste. In fact, I’d argue, it …

Get 10% Off on Your Next Purchase

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If I’m a new site visitor why would I ever give you my email address for a discount that will apply to a future purchase? If anything, seeing the message will annoy me. The only people who would care about this offer are people who know they’ll be buying again. But for those people you could show 10% off next order message on their order …

Bad Ad

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment has this prominent (and likely expensive) ad on The ad did a good job enticing me to want to click.  So I did.  I was then shown this landing page: The landing page doesn’t say one thing about keychains.  But what’s worse is that the user is completely stuck; you can’t get rid of the app download top bar …

Lord & Taylor About Us Page

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Lord & Taylor is a giant retail brand with 100s of stores across the US.  They spend millions on advertising.  This is their About Us page: Come on Lord & Taylor, you can do a better job telling your story. Link to live page:

Even Giants Make Mistakes

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Don’t be too hard on your team if your site has a broken link.  It happens.  Even Google makes mistakes. Smart Goals is a newish feature in Google Analytics.  I wanted to learn more so I clicked their help file link: On clicking Learn more about Smart Goals I saw this-