What Is FetchBack?

Taken from their site… FetchBack is the Retargeting Company.  On average, 98% of a Web site’s visitors leave without converting. FetchBack ‘fetches’ them back to that site via the industry’s most advanced retargeting platform, FetchBack is the only company that provides retargeting analytics, enabling advertisers to see deeper into their campaigns than ever before. FetchBack …

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The eCommerce Bubble

In a definite sign that ecommerce platform space is getting too crowded Omniture has gone ahead with the purchase of Mercado’s Site Search and Online Merchandising platforms. Mercado’s customers include: Macy’s, OfficeMax, REI, Overstock.com, B&H Photo Video and Williams Sonoma. As recently as February ’08 Mercado was undergoing a re-brand when, in my opinion, they …

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Proclivity Raises $5.5 Million

The world is slowly slipping into the hands of Super Crunchers. As every interaction starts getting recorded it will only improve the super cruncher’s ability to mine data and identify powerful causal relationships.  One company offering super crunching services to the eCommerce world is Proclivity.  Their Proclivity Mail platform allows marketers to individually market to …

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