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Spin the Digital Wheel

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment has a sweepstakes page where shoppers can spin a digital wheel and win a giveaway— Is this a good idea? I’m not sure, but I give props for testing something different.

Actual Size

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One of the downsides of shopping online is that it’s hard to know product size dimensions.  Some retailers place a coin next to product image so we can visualize relative size, but even that approach isn’t perfect. I was looking at a Shark Mug on and noticed this curious link (red arrow in screenshot below)— On click this appeared …

Interesting— Pay with Two Debit/Credit Cards

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 2 Comments presents an interesting option on their payment page (red arrow in screenshot below)— When “Pay with two debit/credit cards” is clicked an additional payment option appears where you can split payment between two credit/debit cards— Does this add friction or solve a problem?

Total Savings

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I noticed this very clever landing page floating header on– I love that they use the word ‘today’, which makes the header so much more persuasive. I also love the 66% savings figure because it reinforces the tag graphic that promises daily savings of 35-70%.  Shoppers assume that when retailers claim savings of 35-70% they really mean most will …

Real-Time Activity

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While ecommerce is growing rapidly the fact of the matter is most of your site visitors have never bought from you.  Building confidence in these visitors is key.  Linda Bustos from the excellent GetElastic blog shares a great example.  Backcountry, an online retailer, has a unique feature called “Bubblelicious”.  If, while you are on their category page, someone adds an …

Leverage the Medium

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If you are an e-tailer selling women’s shoes, handbags or jewelry you have one giant disadvantage- you can’t offer shoppers instant touch, feel or fit.  This would be your biggest weakness against brick-and-mortar stores.  And this is the problem, most e-tailers obsess about their weaknesses instead of focusing on their strengths.  The Venn diagram below encourages us to reverse this …


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Of all customer segments first-time visitors are most important.  Why? Because these customers have an unfilled need which they’re trying to fill on your site.  It’s fair to assume first-time visitors know very little about you.  One of the first and most important steps in the conversion process is building confidence in a new visitor.  One can do this many …

Talking FAQs

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Few months ago we featured a site with Audio Testimonials.  This time I’m sharing an example of a clever e-tailer that embeds audio FAQs on product pages.  Screenshot- This is a great example of the right solution for the appropriate product.  SYCLOVIR is a fungal cream most people might not have heard of (I know I hadn’t).  Anyone considering a …

Audio Testimonials

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These are just like written testimonials but generate higher confidence (observe bottom left corner in image below)- Visit this page to hear the testimonials: Related Article: Talking FAQs


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If you are considering buying a toy at but unsure about how it really looks (or want to make sure they have it in stock) just call their toll free number and visit this page:, they’ll hold it up for you. Related article: Innovation On The Cheap

Innovation On The Cheap

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Many retailers look at their online channel as just another mode to complete a sale.  But that’s a low yield strategy.  Smart retailers use their online channels to do things that are either extremely expensive or impossible offline.  And the smartest ones execute ideas that are brilliant AND inexpensive. Ever since discovering through I’ve considered their Wall of …

Social Shopping – A New Approach

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Social Networks have helped us all get many more friends than we imagined possible.  But while our friend list is huge it offers little real life benefit.  That’s where TurnTo comes in.  TurnTo leverages the power of these casual networks in a very specific area: online shopping. TurnTo is based on a simple idea: unknown customer reviews are OK but …