Using Email for Word-of-mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is so powerful. But it’s hard to get right. Here is an idea I thought up: DANAT is a gourmet chocolate manufacturer (not a real company). Their fans absolutely love them but only 0.005% of chocolate lovers in the US even know of DANAT. DANAT could spend on spray and pray marketing but they want to use …

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Something Different

This post isn’t related to improving website conversion rates, but it’s worth sharing. And maybe this happens all the time but it’s never happened to me. Last week I received a piece of direct mail from nielsen and it included 2 dollar bill notes. Picture— Have you ever received marketing mail with cash in it?

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Leverage the Medium

If you are an e-tailer selling women’s shoes, handbags or jewelry you have one giant disadvantage- you can’t offer shoppers instant touch, feel or fit.  This would be your biggest weakness against brick-and-mortar stores.  And this is the problem, most e-tailers obsess about their weaknesses instead of focusing on their strengths.  The Venn diagram below …

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