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New: Amazon Locker

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It’s really hard to keep up with the advances Amazon makes every 14 days or so. Just noticed something new on Amazon checkout. They displayed the option to try Amazon Locker: And when I clicked it was shown this: Looks like they are testing this out at local Whole Foods store locations. About Amazon Locker: Amazon Locker provides you with …

Email Signup Trick

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Every site shows an email signup popup, and 98% of users click the close button. Why? Because the signup request doesn’t have the right context. The user has just landed on the site, they don’t even know what makes your business unique. also needs email sign-ups but they use a clever context tool to present their request. On each …

Think Different

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1: Brick and mortar retail is really cost intensive. 2: Brick and mortar retail can’t compete again 3: With brick and mortar retail one has to sign long-term storefront leases. 4: Enter Bulletin ( 5: Bulletin takes the flexibility of ecommerce and brings it to brick and mortar world. 6: The advantage of a retail store is the idea …

Site Search

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If your site has a search box and a user enters multiple search terms (one after another), it tells us two things: a.) they are motivated, b.) they are having a difficulty locating their target item. When this happens you need to show them a really well-written message that suggests they speak with a product specialist.

Unique Chat Prompt

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Chat is an incredibly valuable tool. If your site has chat you know chat conversion rates are at least 2x site average. On the flip side, however, chat utilization is typically low. To boost usage some sites show a persistent floating chat prompt or pop open a chat message that says something like, “We can help you …”. These tactics …


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Miracle Method specializes in restoring tubs, ceramic tile, and countertops. When you visit their homepage you’ll see this nifty before/after widget (screenshot): My video to describe how widget works: They could have just shown a video but adding a sliding bar that the user controls is what makes it effective. Remember: conversion rates go up when users feel they are …

Using Email for Word-of-mouth Marketing

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Word-of-mouth marketing is so powerful. But it’s hard to get right. Here is an idea I thought up: DANAT is a gourmet chocolate manufacturer (not a real company). Their fans absolutely love them but only 0.005% of chocolate lovers in the US even know of DANAT. DANAT could spend on spray and pray marketing but they want to use their marketing dollars wisely. DANAT wants …

VIP Priority Processing

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Noticed something new and am not sure if it’s a bad idea or a brilliant one.  On when you add an item to cart, and start checkout process, this popup appears— At one level it feels brilliant because $2.95 is a small enough fee but at the same time I feel it may end up annoying anyone who doesn’t …

Something Different

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This post isn’t related to improving website conversion rates, but it’s worth sharing. And maybe this happens all the time but it’s never happened to me. Last week I received a piece of direct mail from nielsen and it included 2 dollar bill notes. Picture— Have you ever received marketing mail with cash in it?