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Think Different

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1: Brick and mortar retail is really cost intensive. 2: Brick and mortar retail can’t compete again 3: With brick and mortar retail one has to sign long-term storefront leases. 4: Enter Bulletin ( 5: Bulletin takes the flexibility of ecommerce and brings it to brick and mortar world. 6: The advantage of a retail store is the idea …

Orders of Magnitude

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Most online retailers smile when they hit 30,000 Facebook fans. sells heirloom seeds.  Not only do they have 469,000 Facebook fans they also have 5,300 customers who’ve given them 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook reviews.  That’s five thousand three hundred five star ratings.  Think about that for a minute–

Let Us Call You

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Anything you do that reduces friction will improve conversions.  You know this, and knows this.  That is why on product pages they have this prominent call-to-action— How does this make a difference, you ask?  Well, shoppers who have unanswered questions have 0% probability of converting; shoppers who have unanswered questions have 15% interest in going trough customer service hoop …

Perfect Fit

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Retail space is expensive.  At Bon-Ton Stores they stock retail floor with most profitable items and add kiosks so shoppers can purchase their extended inventory online.  Items purchased via the kiosk come with free shipping.  Win win.

Innovation On The Cheap

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Many retailers look at their online channel as just another mode to complete a sale.  But that’s a low yield strategy.  Smart retailers use their online channels to do things that are either extremely expensive or impossible offline.  And the smartest ones execute ideas that are brilliant AND inexpensive. Ever since discovering through I’ve considered their Wall of …

Retailers Fighting Back

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I have always believed that to succeed online etailers need to think about doing things that are impossible offline. exemplifies this idea with their ‘one product a day’ format because they know no retailer can economically copy them. But then we also have instances were retailers flip the game, noticeably Blockbuster’s foray into the DVD rental market which was …

Which Channel Matters More…

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Retailers (with offline businesses bigger than their online channel) would argue that their store shoppers fuel online sales. This argument is fair but these retailers also claim 95% of all online sales come from their offline shoppers. This I have a problem with. The percentage is large, I give them that, but it’s not 95%. I suspect around 60% of …

This Item Is Available At Your Local Store

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I have talked abut the ‘Grand Retail Unified Theory‘ in detail and very strongly believe this is where the future of eCommerce lies.  So far most eCommerce strategy has been focused on building a stores and jamming traffic through SEM/SEO.  This is redundant because it leads to a 4% conversion rate.  At best.  Back in the day when paid advertising …

The Feel Of Fabric

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Traditional retailers (across every single product category) have done so poorly compared to their younger online cousins that it’s not even worth discussing.  The domination is so complete many seem to have stopped trying altogether.  But in the retail world ‘real experiences’ still matter and retailers own the ‘real’ part of the equation.  Multichannel retailers with online stores need to …

Synergize Online And Offline Experiences

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Many people buy offline and then do in-store alterations. If this data were captured at the store level it could be presented when customers purchase/browse online. Additionally, integrating offline purchase history will allow browsers to see a list of products they have already bought; both online and offline. This is especially useful when someone is trying to buy a shirt …