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Price Elasticity Parabola

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If there is one defining characteristic of ecommerce it is the retailer’s ability to seamlessly experiment with pricing.  And yet, I have never, not once, been asked to run a test that validates a client’s assumption about product prices.  It’s as though they have a Platonic sense of what the market is willing to bear.  Now, I understand that it …

Click = Bounce

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I saw this very clever banner ad today: It was well designed and from a retailer I recognized.  Normally, I’m not a sucker for online advertising but this “tabbed” day look grabbed my attention and the fact that the day was cleverly set to Wednesday when today is Wednesday really intrigued me (relevance!!).  The ad had achieved all it was …

Nice Landing Page Part II

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The Ad: The Landing Page (notes in red): The Results Page:  Observe numbered underlined sections- 1. Roll over with detailed info for methodical shoppers. 2. Excellent persuasive copy.  Headings start by addressing biggest questions in customers’ minds: Are you surprised by the results?  Why choose Blue?  How does your brand compare? 3. Instant off coupon for impulsive shoppers. 4. Store …

Why This Is Such A Good Idea

Rishi Rawat Blog 2 Comments’s sales pitch: A potential customer goes through steps 1-2-3 and says “ah, sounds interesting, pretty similar to other local services.”  So far the comparison is fairly straightforward.  One can rank competing services and grade them using: — Text book selection — Price — What their friends use — Shipping times Enter point 4.  Suddenly, there is no real way …

Early Stage Leads

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I’m considering buying a printer so I started by entering this search phrase on Google: Here are the paid ads that showed up: The Xerox ad is better than Epson’s but neither truly capitalize on the opportunity.  An ad copy like “Learn how Xerox laser printers compare to inkjets” might have worked better.

Strength In Numbers

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Shoppers like to know other shoppers have purchased from an e-tailer before.  This is why customer reviews are so effective.  But, as Jared Spool eloquently demonstrated in his Revealing Design Treasures presentation roughly 1,300 purchases generate 1 review, so for many smaller e-tailers product reviews are often empty.  But that does not mean we can’t build trust in a visitor.  …


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Purchase decisions are a dialog between two sides of your conscience; the side against it and the side for it.  To help resolve this struggle lists 2,000 reasons to buy, grouped into eight categories and five functions.  Here is how they convince workshop customers: The remaining 1,983 uses are listed here.

We’re Hiring

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I’m betting this sign subliminally influences the decision making process of a first time buyer, “Hey this guy is hiring, he must be doing well” Wonder if anyone has done an A/B test on this?

5 Reasons To Buy

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Great landing page example from — The Google ad (highlighted)- — The landing page- The landing page gives quick bullets on why we should buy Hide & Seek Safari toys from this site.  Competitive shoppers can quickly scan through the five benefits.  Within scanning range is their BizRate rating, below that a customer testimonial and on top live chat.  …

Patty Burger

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Yesterday I enjoyed a great hamburger at Patty Burger, but I’m not sure it’s make-10-trips-for-a-free-one great: The idea of a punch card is to build loyalty.  The business is placing a carrot of a free burger for any customer willing to make 10 trips.  A new customer who makes 10 trips should be counted as a convert, so the strategy …

Tale Of Two Barber Shops

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For years I’ve been going to the same barber shop and getting my hair cut by the same person, Dana.  Their service has never been complaint worthy but I’ve always found them a little expensive.  The accountant looking over my transaction history has no way to knowing I am dissatisfied, all he sees are monthly transactions of $25 through a …

Do Product Images/Content Impact Site Visits?

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Cover Plug is an innovative baby safety product and is available at the following etailers: — — — Each of these retailers has a different selling style.  Here are the three product pages: — — — Pick the design, layout and content you like best.  Now let’s see comparative traffic trends: Now I know …