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Leverage Core Assets

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment prides itself on its technology advisors.  They use this in their marketing.  On their website they even show a real-time counter of how many advisors are currently available to help with your technology questions– Moral of the story– If you have an awesome asset, like knowledgeable customer service staff, make sure your site design draws attention to it.

Make it Seem Special

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment has a pretty persuasive call to action: I took this screenshot on 6/8. The Post-it note below ADD TO ORDER gives the impression this is a one day only deal, after all, it’s a graphical element. Because it’s easy to edit HTML text skeptical shoppers might expect plain text version of 6/8 Order TODAY and receive FREE SHIPPING* to …

Virtual Greeter + Cookie

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Many e-tailers have a virtual greeter on their homepage: What’s unique about how uses their virtual greeter is this: on your first visit the greeter reads a standard welcome script, lists brands carried by and assures lowest prices.  But if you exit and return her message changes to, “Still browsing? Confused about different compression levels and styles? Call …

Bait and Switch Tactic

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In the book Mind Programming author Eldon Taylor shares his experience selling sewing machines using bait-and-switch: It started with an offer too good to be true.  In the 1960s credit depended upon a deposit– a down payment of 10% in those days.  Credit was freely available.  Getting the down payment became the most difficult part of making a sale, so …

Incentivize Revenue Drivers

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Google Analytics can segment traffic from social networks and show what % of new visitors arrive via that channel + how much revenue those visitors generate.  If for your site social network channel is profitable but brings in only a small % of new visitors then you should consider what is doing– On click pop-up–   It’s a simple …

Geo Mining

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You are a gourmet chocolatier.  You open Google Analytics, access Map Overlay report and segment by Transactions.  On the screen appears a heat-map of purchase data.  States that are dark green have had heavy transactions and light green states have slow activity.  You can see Michigan is a strong base, Texas and California are fairly good but Utah and Indiana …

Delicious SEM

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Hotlix, a confections company, embeds real insects inside their candy.  Here is how their biggest fans bookmark the site- Does your AdWords campaign target tags?

Chat And Get 10% Off

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I’ve seen examples where the retailer offers a discount for signing up for a newsletter- But not for chatting with a sales rep.  On the homepage you’ll find this floating offer- Assuming knows chat engagement boosts conversions this is a good strategy.  It’s also worth noting the deliberate use of vague language.  The promise cleverly states, “find out …

Scarcity Urgency Combo Punch

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I’ve talked about scarcity/urgency before (here and here).  Here is another clever example: Like all retailers this guy desperately wants your business but they limit order size to 5 and time to June.  The subliminal message the retailer is transmitting is: “This deal is such a steal, and our stock so limited, we cannot let you buy more than 5.”

Banner Ad

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I saw this ad on – I like it for four reasons- – simple – bold statement (Most Wearable Pants on Earth!) – clearly states benefit (save $70) – creates an element of curiosity (“I see I can save $70, wonder how much the each khaki costs?”)

Solving The Shopping Cart Abandonment Problem

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This is an old post that somehow got deleted.  So I am reposting- Without a doubt this is the most interesting brainteaser in all of e-commerce land: 1/3rd of all online shoppers leave their shopping carts.  People abandon for a number of reasons: 1. Lack of trust.  This can be remedied with assurances (‘guaranteed returns’, ‘secure transactions’, ‘privacy protection’ etc). …