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Stop Being Boring

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Mirrormate is in the business selling mirror frames. Their tagline is FRAME THAT BARE MIRROR: Nothing remarkable about that. What is remarkable is that they use the spirit of their tagline to introduce their team: Your customers have a sense of humor. Don’t be scared to show them your playful side.

Show Your Personality Every Chance You Get

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John Bonini is a copywriter. He uses his site to market his copywriting services (it’s all serious business stuff). The site lists testimonials. One of those testimonials is by his mother: It’s such a sweet touch. Lesson: Just because you are in the all serious business of being an online retailer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use humor and humanness …

What’s Your Story?

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I don’t understand why most sites either: 1: Don’t tell their story. 2: Tell a formulaic story. There is no template for an About Us page.  All you have to do is give the world a glimpse of who you are and what you stand for. The first thing does when you land on their homepage is show a …

Super Cool Order Confirmation Email

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Order confirmation emails are boring.  And the reason is simple: order confirmation emails are generated after the customer has given up their credit card info.  So why bother making it cool or interesting?  That’s what the retailer is thinking, anyway. But that isn’t how thinks.  Here is their order confirmation email: Thanks for your order with CD Baby!   …


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It’s really important to show the world your personality.  Even your quirky side.  Here is the error message shows when you reach a page that doesn’t exist: Hat tip to Kiki Moon.

Jerry’s Bloopers

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment is a furniture site.  On their homepage they have a link to a page called Jerry’s Bloopers (pointed by red arrow in screenshot below): First of all, this is a super clever page name and the link begs to be clicked.  Then, when you do click it you’re greeted by this banner– Very clever.  I love it.

Great About Us Page

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Great About Us pages draw us in and remove any lingering shopper doubt.  We wrongly assume that large companies can’t have a warm and fuzzy About Us page.  They can.  Here’s one example: