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Use Customers to Craft Better Product Pages

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A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an article (link) explaining how you can improve product descriptions by studying submitted reviews. Reviews are a great way to see why customers actually “like” the product you are selling. We received some very interesting comments and questions: — What happens if your product page doesn’t have a lot of reviews? — How …

Competing with Self

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I’m reading a book about Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie used a clever strategy to maximize productivity at his steel plants. He would pit plant against plant. You might be wondering, “How is what happened at a steel plant relevant here?“ I’m mentioning this because I believe you can use a similar strategy for your site. Let me explain … …

Know Why Your Customers Like You?

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My wife surprised me with a trip to a camping site with a Yurt. If, like me, you have no idea what a Yurt is here is a picture: Was a fun experience. But what I liked best wasn’t the Yurt, it was the camp washroom facility. Really appreciated how clean it was. But the camp management will never know …

Getting More Email Signups

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Shoppers have been trained to gloss over marketing messages, which means most will close this popup without noticing the 20% off coupon: Video: If I was working for BabyBrezza here is what I would have done … To engage the user, slow them down, and notice the discount rate we’re using Challenge tactic. In our concept, this is the popup …

Conversational Sites

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One of the big differences between buying online and buying at a store is the conversation aspect of the experience. At a store, I can discuss questions and concerns with a specialist. On the web, it’s more like a self-checkout experience. Clearly many people prefer to manage the whole process on their own (that’s the 4% that are currently converting …

Think Closely About the Choices You Present

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One wrong word (or phrase) can injure conversions. Dyson is an amazing company. They KNOW how to market their engineering story. They also have beautiful products and a beautiful website. But no one is perfect. Before I go on, let me ask a question: do you prefer reading text or watching a video? “I prefer watching a video”: “I prefer …

How Powerful is the POWER Trigger?

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Very. But first, let’s run down the definition of Power trigger: This is when we let the shopper know they are in the driver seat. It works because when shoppers feel the experience is about them, and not you, they’re much more likely to take action. Now, watch my video:

Reconsidering the Phrase Coupon Code

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Video: If you hate watching videos read this: The Zeitgeist affects the emotions phrases evoke. One such phase is “coupon code”. 10 years ago (to me) it meant “use if you have one”. Today (to me) it means “leave this site and Google + coupon code“. But it doesn’t have to be. If the phrase coupon code has been …

How Do You Feel?

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Power is one of the most important tactics in marketing. Anytime the user feels that they are in control of the experience they are 3 times more likely to convert. We’ll take an example right here from WordPress. Let’s say you are submitting a ticket to the support team and you are greeted with this page: Nothing out of the …

Getting More Recurring Plan Signups

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Our objective is to get people to buy the monthly auto-ship plan (and not the one-time option). Here is the control (what’s online now): Everything is laid in front of the user. This can cause analysis paralysis (too many options). Also, the shopper is likely to pick the one-time option because they don’t want to get into a monthly membership. …

Using Small Ask Trigger to Get Leads

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Video: Online shoppers (especially mobile) are intimidated by forms. They’re hard to fill out, take a long time, and often make the user give up information they don’t want to. A Small Ask is a good way to get the ball rolling. Definition: Small Ask is when you inspire the shopper to take a single action. In the bottom right …

What Makes a Good Story?

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Of the 7 conversion triggers Story is probably the most powerful. But, what is Story? Story is the emotion we evoke in the mind of the audience. The difference between an average and good story is 512x. Let me illustrate with a story. A sales guy has been working at a mattress store for 5 years. Like most brick and …

How “Play” Drives Conversions

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There are 2 types of readers of my blog, people who prefer video and those who prefer the written format (I’m looking at your Lars). Written format: There are 7 levers (that I know of at this point in time) to influence potential shoppers. One of them is PLAY. Play is a tactic where you employ an interactive element to …