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Competing with Self

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I’m reading a book about Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie used a clever strategy to maximize productivity at his steel plants. He would pit plant against plant. You might be wondering, “How is what happened at a steel plant relevant here?“ I’m mentioning this because I believe you can use a similar strategy for your site. Let me explain … …

Insist A Little More

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Most sites want you to sign-up for their newsletter– But when we don’t, they simply accept their fate and move on. This e-tailer uses a different approach. The moment I unchecked, I was reminded of my potential ‘loss’– Email checkbox.

Talking FAQs

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Sharing an example of a clever e-tailer that embeds audio FAQs on product pages. Screenshot- This is a great example of the right solution for the appropriate product.  SYCLOVIR is a fungal cream most people might not have heard of (I know I hadn’t). Anyone considering a purchase would need to be convinced about its efficacy.  In this situation, audio FAQs are …

Product Descriptions And Their Lack Off

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I don’t know about you but the way etailers describe products makes me want to abandon my shopping cart. Here is a randomly selected product description from a randomly selected etailer, And now for my version. To make this task realistic I gave myself only five minutes to write. I believe most etailers should be able to devote at …