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Strength In Numbers

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Shoppers like to know other shoppers have purchased from an e-tailer before.  This is why customer reviews are so effective.  But, as Jared Spool eloquently demonstrated in his Revealing Design Treasures presentation roughly 1,300 purchases generate 1 review, so for many smaller e-tailers product reviews are often empty.  But that does not mean we can’t build trust in a visitor.  …


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There are hundreds of ecommerce best practices, and it’s hard to remember all of them. embodies the spirit of BetterRetail.  If you are new to BetterRetail no need to read archived posts– just head over to  Five minutes on the site will give you new insights for your own store. Features I like best “180 day trial & …

First-Time Buyer Free Shipping

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For me, generating the first-time sale trumps all metrics.  Therefore I’d expect First-Time Buyer free shipping (or discount) to be a popular strategy.  Unfortunately, I’ve never found a retailer that offers this.  Now, let me qualify, I typically spend 7-10 seconds on a store (this is what most first time visitors do, thus the title of my blog) so if …

You Just Won A Potential Customer

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I came across a delightful little store today.  Actually, I know nothing about them but the warmth of their homepage instantly made me feel conformable and built credibility.  See, instead of having boring sectional links has used pictures of their employees.  Zebs understands something most retailers don’t, customers prefer shopping with companies that have real people.  Customers today are …

No Peeking

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In a world inundated with marketing messages Dale and Thomas Popcorn is asking customers to return at a later date: Will shoppers used to instant gratification have the patience to check back on the 28th?

And Why Should I Be A Repeat Customer?

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Lets face it, most products available at your store could be bought somewhere else (possibly for less).  In todays crowded ecommerce marketplace it’s really hard to make a customer remember you.  That’s why this find by Andy Sernovitz is so brilliant. Andy writes “Jim Kukral makes a crazy offer when you sign up for the email newsletter on his blog, …

Making Gift Card Redemption Better

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Brendan Regan’s post on how etailers should manage gift card redemption is so good I’m re-producing it verbatim (even the procrastination bit, which might seem out of place in this reproduction).  The steps below illustrate the experience from a customer’s perspective: 1. Receive the card, note how much is on it. 2. Sometime between and 12/26 and 1/31, decide to …