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Top 7 Email Signup Ideas for 2019

Preston Swarthout Blog Leave a Comment

It’s 2019. By now, shoppers know what to expect when they’re confronted with an email signup popup. What are shoppers likely going to do today? They’ll immediately close the popup, skip past the email signup form, or uncheck that sneaky little email newsletter box. They do this automatically, as if they’ve been conditioned to hate popups and email signups with …

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Rishi Rawat Blog Leave a Comment

I added an item to cart and saw this popup (observe underlined section) — The line, “Be one of just 400 Genvara visitors this month … ” made the offer 2X more attention grabbing.  Shoppers love the feeling of being part of a select, exclusive group. Lesson: If you’re trying to generate audience participation make them feel special first.