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Segment or Die

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Email marketing is a magical thing.  Instead of waiting for a new or past buyer to stumble on your site, with email marketing you can take a product page and literally send it to the subscriber’s inbox. But because marketers exploit email marketing so much its effectiveness goes down with each passing year.  Shoppers are getting more emails, and they’re …

This Is How an Email Address Is Captured …

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I was on  Then I moved my mouse to exit the site and saw this popup– This is a very clever strategy because while knows I’m not going to buy right now (I’m exiting in under 30 seconds) they want to at least get some demographic info about me.  And what’s even more clever is that they’ve shown …

Strange Shape Popup

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment wants first time visitors to signup to their mailing list, and in return receive free shipping.  To communicate this they show a truck shaped popup with background shadow effect— I guess if you’re going to show a popup might as well make it interesting looking.

Exclusivity Messaging

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Received an email from Like most marketing emails this one had a coupon code, but what was different was the way in which the coupon code was presented. Read the underlined section in the screenshot below (underlined in red by me)— This is a very clever line because it creates a sense of exclusivity in the mind of the …

Exit Popup

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I saw this example on ( They describe an example where when visitors to close their browser window this sweet popup appears— Shoppers hate popups and will close them as soon as they can. But there are scenarios (like design concept above) where popups can work.

Cleverest Email Signup

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I felt I had seen every tactic possible to goose email signups (example, example, and example).  Then I saw this clever tactic on  Below their main advertisement banner they have a giant SOLD OUT! sign for a $10 catch of the week item— A naive person would think it’s silly to waste so much homepage real-estate promoting an item shoppers can’t …

Make Me Feel Special

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I was on and noticed this clever email signup popup— “Shhh..don’t tell anyone.”— makes me feel special.“HINT: We’ve got one running right now.”— creates urgency and makes me want to signup right away.