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Beautiful Design Can Hurt Conversions

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Here is a screenshot of the top half of— Spend 30 seconds looking at it and tell me which page element grabbed your attention the strongest. [Don’t scroll down till you’ve made your selection] For me it was the ugly neon green “Custom Made Tarps” message. Assuming makes highest margin on their custom products (which they most likely …

7 Reviews Versus 48

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I’ve struggled with product page review counts.  I know going from 0 reviews to 1 with 4.2 stars (or better) improves conversion rates 20% (source).  But, if an item already has 4.5 stars and 7 reviews … … is there additional benefit of collecting 41 more reviews (reaching a total of 48)? Well, it turns out, I don’t need to bother my …

Are You Giving Your Top Seller Enough Love?

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Stop everything, open Google Analytics, select 9 month time period and see Conversions—> Ecommerce—>Product Performance report.  It’s highly likely that your top seller sells 2X as many units as the next best seller (Zipf’s law).  Now go to your top seller product page (on your site) and copy page link name.  Return to Google Analytics and go to Behavior—>Site Content—>All Pages report and …

Something Different

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This post isn’t related to improving website conversion rates, but it’s worth sharing. And maybe this happens all the time but it’s never happened to me. Last week I received a piece of direct mail from nielsen and it included 2 dollar bill notes. Picture— Have you ever received marketing mail with cash in it?

Cart Page Popup

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When new visitors to add an item to their cart they see this popup on cart page– At first glance this feels like a bad idea (don’t shoppers hate popups?), but it could be a good tactic. Popup offer is vague (receive a special discount) and according to Jakob Nielsen shoppers search in a hub and spoke format, so new …

Interesting eCommerce Facts

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In October 2007 I wrote a blog post listing 10 ecommerce facts.  Since then, every time a new ecommerce fact comes my way the original article is updated.  The article now has 37 interesting ecommerce facts; check it out–


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Want to get a sense for how many etailers are out there?  Get this- Magento is one out of a reported 600 shopping carts (source).  Magento alone is cart of choice for 75,000 etailers (source).  You do the math.

Gift Cards Have A 27% Margin

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Retailers love gift cards for a number of different reasons and if recent surveys are to be believed they have one more. Turns out only 63% of gift cards are ever redeemed and this means that retailers get to pocket the difference, all 27% of it. You can read the rest of the story at the Get Elastic blog.

eCommerce Facts

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– Re-engaging inactive users is 5 times more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. (Source: Forbes) – Most eCommerce sites have a 4% conversion rate (though some like Amazon and QVC have conversion rates of 20% and 17% respectively). – Of the top 100 eTailers only 35 have conversion rates over 5%. (source: – 81% of shoppers are more likely …