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Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday is a great time to go treasure hunting online. But I wasn’t looking for deals this past Black Friday. Instead, I was searching for the new or unique ways websites were trying to get us to stick around for a bit longer. did something pretty interesting. I went to their site, searched around for a bit, then …

Use Customers to Craft Better Product Pages

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A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an article (link) explaining how you can improve product descriptions by studying submitted reviews. Reviews are a great way to see why customers actually “like” the product you are selling. We received some very interesting comments and questions: — What happens if your product page doesn’t have a lot of reviews? — How …

Anti Scent Trail

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Scent Trail trail is used to help the shopper know they’re on the right path. If they search for “dry erase board” on Google search, click your ad and see the word “Dry-erase Boards” on your landing page it’s a visual cue they’re at the right place. So what’s an anti scent trail? Let me show you:

Choreographed User Experiences

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We all know how important user experiences are. But what about choreographed user experiences? They’re even more important. Let me explain … Imagine you’re an author who has written an excellent mystery novel with 12 chapters. Would you let your readers read the chapters in any order they please (chapter 8 followed by chapter 2)? Or would you demand that …

Site Search

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If your site has a search box and a user enters multiple search terms (one after another), it tells us two things: a.) they are motivated, b.) they are having a difficulty locating their target item. When this happens you need to show them a really well-written message that suggests they speak with a product specialist.

First-Time Experiences Matter

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Caesar’s Entertainment (the casino) noticed something peculiar: Majority of first-time visitors to their properties didn’t return. There are a number of reasons why a customer may not return but a big one is their first visit experience. If the customer has an experience they like, it greatly increases their chances of becoming a regular (thus making Caesar’s Entertainment a lot …

Difficult Choices Kill Conversion Rates

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We think choices are good, but if you don’t clearly describe the differences between choices you are most definitely hurting conversion rates. Consider this: A shopper is looking to buy a wireless temperature sensor for their grill. They land on product page: The item sounds impressive and within their price range. But now the shopper notices a second option …