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Top 7 Email Signup Ideas for 2019

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It’s 2019. By now, shoppers know what to expect when they’re confronted with an email signup popup. What are shoppers likely going to do today? They’ll immediately close the popup, skip past the email signup form, or uncheck that sneaky little email newsletter box. They do this automatically, as if they’ve been conditioned to hate popups and email signups with …

Getting More Email Signups

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Shoppers have been trained to gloss over marketing messages, which means most will close this popup without noticing the 20% off coupon: Video: If I was working for BabyBrezza here is what I would have done … To engage the user, slow them down, and notice the discount rate we’re using Challenge tactic. In our concept, this is the popup …

Play on

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Play is a tactic where you employ an interactive element to subliminally communicate your marketing message. Why go through the trouble of constructing an interactive element to pitch your marketing message? Because we’re living in a world saturated with marketing messages. I’m going to use a made up example to show how a dash of Play can boost conversions (especially …

Quizzes Can Be Irresistible

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The human brain is wired to notice questions. The ? symbol has a magnetic appeal. manufactures a hunting camo designed for sunflower fields. Apparently, dove hunters need it. In order to advertise the effectiveness of their invention they ask this simple question … … and when you give up (which you will) they reveal the answer. Scroll down to …


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Miracle Method specializes in restoring tubs, ceramic tile, and countertops. When you visit their homepage you’ll see this nifty before/after widget (screenshot): My video to describe how widget works: They could have just shown a video but adding a sliding bar that the user controls is what makes it effective. Remember: conversion rates go up when users feel they are …

Using Email for Word-of-mouth Marketing

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Word-of-mouth marketing is so powerful. But it’s hard to get right. Here is an idea I thought up: DANAT is a gourmet chocolate manufacturer (not a real company). Their fans absolutely love them but only 0.005% of chocolate lovers in the US even know of DANAT. DANAT could spend on spray and pray marketing but they want to use their marketing dollars wisely. DANAT wants …

Teaser Capture

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Here is a lead capture form on– Let me tell you why it’s amazing.  Notice the blank YOUR BUSINESS QUALIFIES FOR: and NUMBER OF AVAILABLE LENDERS: section.  They’ve been left blank intentionally.  Potential borrowers will want to start filling the form just to see how much they qualify for.  It’s an itch that must be scratched.